Gently Detoxifies

It’s easy, pleasant and yields tremendous benefits.


Dry brushing, massaging and cupping can help detox your body by stimulating your lymphatic system to remove cell waste, environmental toxins, and pathogenic organisms more efficiently.

One of the benefits of using our kit is encouraging blood circulation and cell regeneration. Both of these actions promote internal detoxification which can aid in weight loss, cellulite reduction and the elimination of accumulated toxins.

Elevates Circulation

It decreases the workload on the body.


Dry brushing stimulates the circulatory system to carry waste to the surface of the skin to be released through the pores and sweat glands. Plus, the brushing speeds up the circulation process while it decreases the workload on the body.

In addition to improved blood circulation throughout the body, more oxygenated blood can actually reach the skin itself.

The suction from the cups increases circulation to the area where the cups are placed. The additional blood flow to that area can help relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair. Increasing circulation with cupping also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Breaks Up Fat Pockets

You can actually feel it breaking up the fat deposits.


Our kit helps to reach fat located in the deeper level, and separate it from the fibers. Once ruptured, it will be liquefied and all its waste will be flushed out through the lymphatic system.

Smooths Skin

Dry brushing is an effective physical exfoliator.


Gently brushing the skin is a form of physical exfoliation, meaning it can brush away dead skin, leaving it smoother.

The bumpy skin, which is caused by clumps of un-metabolized fat, water and trapped waste beneath the skin pushing up against surrounding fibrous connective tissue, appears smoother with the use of our kit.

While there is no magic eraser for the issue, cupping alongside dry body brushing, are two things that may give you a visible difference with prolonged use.

Improves Your Sleep

Relieves Pain

Improves Hydration

Lowers Stress

& Much More!

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